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Downloads for LS‑P4

  • 02/12/2020

    Firmware update Version 1.10

    Following features have been added: 

    Slate tone makes it easier to align the video and sound during post-production 

    Test Tone outputs the reference signal from the audio recorder to the camera via audio cable to adjust the recording level on the camera 

    Volume control of compatible Bluetooth earphones and speakers 


    WARNING: Do not disconnect the device from the PC until you click the [Finish] button which will appear at the very end of the update wizard.


    How to check the recorder's firmware version.

    1. From the Home display, press the [MENU] button. 

    2. Press the [-] button repeatedly to select the Device Menu, which is represented by an icon of a wrench, and then press the Right Arrow button. 

    3. Press the [-] button repeatedly to select System Info, and then press [OK]. 


    General precautions

    Read the following precautions before starting to update the recorder firmware. 

    - If the update fails, the recorder could be damaged irreparably. Read the instructions carefully before updating. 

    - The recorder's firmware cannot be returned to an earlier version once it has been updated 

    - Backup the files in the recorder before running the update program. 

    - This firmware update program is only for this model. 

    - Never turn off power to the computer while the firmware update program is running. 

    - Never turn off power to the recorder or disconnect the USB cable while the firmware update program is running. 

    - At least 12 MB of built-in memory is required for updating the firmware of the recorder 

    - Remove the microSD card from the recorder. 

    - Make sure to insert a battery before starting the update. 


    Installation Instructions

    To update the firmware of the recorder, do the following: 

    1. Download the update file. 

    2. Connect the recorder to a computer running a supported operating system using the USB cable packaged with the recorder and wait until the recorder LCD displays "Remote". 

    3. Close all programs running on the computer. 

    4. Doubleclick the update file to begin the update. 

    5. Follow the on-screen prompts. 

    6. When the update is complete, wait until the recorder LCD displays "Remote" and then disconnect the recorder. 

    7. Verify that the firmware version has changed to the new version number. 

  • Instruction Manual

  • Instruction Manual (Basic)

  • Declaration of Conformity