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User-friendly. Perfect for beginners.

Simple and convenient.

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Main Features

Made for beginners. Equally perfect for advanced.

With two different display modes, even beginners will find this voice recorder easy to use. Simple Mode displays only essential information in large font and limits the menu options to frequently-used functions, while for advanced users, Normal Mode offers full functionality of the menu options.


    Simple Mode


    Low-Noise Microphone


    Built-in stand


    Scene Select

omni-directional microphone

Clearly captures sound from all directions.


Strap port

For attaching the portable USB cable.


USB Jack

For convenient data support.


Built-in stand

Convenient for desktop recording.


Large LCD display

Easy-to-read 1.61-inch display.


Large buttons

Easy to understand, user-friendly buttons.


Front speaker

For clear playback.



Quality recordings made simple.

The basic model of the VN Series with the highly versatile WMA format is ideal for long recordings.




Built-in memory


Files per folder

Additional Features

Scene Select

Optimized settings for optimal results.


Low-cut Filter

Less noise. More sound.


Low Power Consumption

Never miss out on anything with longer battery life.

The new VN-731 DNS Kit:
Get more done in less time.

Make things easy: Prepare reports, emails or presentations using
your voice or dictate ideas on the go. Dragon NaturallySpeaking
automatically converts spoken words into text - which is pretty
handy considering that we speak seven times faster than we can write.

The VN-731 DNS is bundled with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Recorder Edition speech
recognition software. Languages supported include EN, FR, IT, DE, ES and NL.


Find the right product

Built-in Memory
(Max Recording Time: 790 hours)
Recording Format
Low-Cut Filter
Noise Cancel
Voice Balancer
Voice Filter
Scene Select
Simple Mode
Calendar Search
USB AC Drive
USB Cable
Alkaline Battery
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