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Tailor-made for you

System Integration

Whether your business is a large international law firm, a medium-sized partnership or a small-scale independent practice, Olympus can help you benefit from digital dictation. Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are distributed exclusively via a network of authorised digital dictation specialists. Olympus draws on the expertise of these hand-picked specialists to meet your every demand by providing customised advice and consultation on the ground. Get up and running quickly with a choice of software modules, or work with an authorised Olympus partner to integrate a tailor-made solution to your existing information systems.

An all-in-one solution

To prevent escalating, ongoing costs, Olympus provides all the functionality you need in one easy-to-buy licence policy. There are no hidden costs, and never any frustrating “upgrade required” messages.

Centralised administration

Deadlines and timings are vital in your work. So we’ve focused a lot of attention on manageability. Olympus DSS Player Pro software provides a clear overview of all dictation jobs and delivers automatic notifications of new jobs, with information on their urgency or priority.

Access anywhere

Olympus supports server-based computing environments (Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, Linux Thin Clients), so staff can access recordings from any networked terminal. We’ve developed a dedicated ICA/RDP channel for audio transfer, and support real-time transfer of microphone and foot control commands.

End-to-end support

No two organisations are the same of course, and so we at Olympus – plus our network of authorised Olympus partners – are ready to help plan, deploy and support your solution in whatever way you need. We can also tailor our management software to meet your specific requirements and improve your daily productivity.