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OM-D E-M5 Mark III

Why E-M5 Mark III?

Take your photography further with the E-M5 Mark III

Urban jungle, up high or on the streets, in broad daylight or with a view of the nightscape, under rainy conditions, or not. The E-M5 Mark III can handle it all in every shooting situation. The compact, lightweight size lets you break free from the chains of bulkier equipment. And take your photography to new heights – made possible by the perfect design, with advanced technology and must-have functionality. In short: all you need to explore wherever and whenever you like.

A heightened experience

Top features

Packed within the stylish, compact design is a powerhouse of technology and features that set the E-M5 Mark III apart from the rest.

Amazing portability

~55% smaller
~64% lighter

E-M5 Mark III
M.Zuiko Digital ED 12–40mm F2.8 PRO Maximum aperture: F2.8 Focal length: 12–40mm

Competitor’s bulky system
More than twice the size and volume as the
E-M5 Mark III system.

Like no other camera in its class, the
E-M5 Mark III has the light weight and compact size you need to break free. The entire Olympus system is extremely smaller than competitors’. Capture the world as you see it. In photos. In videos. From any perspective. Use any lens you like to match your personal shooting style – the E-M5 Mark III system remains portable at all times.

Brilliant image quality

20M Live MOS sensor
Delivering rich optics and details with clarity when on the move or shooting in darker locations – the high-power sensor in the
E-M5 Mark III is specially constructed to work with the powerful image stabilisation (IS). The anti-reflective AR Coating reduces flaring and ghosting directly on the sensor.

TruePic VIII image processor
Perfectly complementing the 20M Live MOS sensor is the advanced image processor. Its double quad-core system and dedicated AF calculation circuit provide the power behind the ultra-fast autofocus speed and brilliant image quality.

In-body image stabilisation
The IS built into the E-M5 Mark III provides up to 5.5 shutter speed steps of correction*, meaning there is nothing holding you back from going out and capturing the world. And it is in the camera, so you have clear handheld shooting results with every lens. When using a compatible lens like the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12–100mm F4 IS PRO, the Sync IS feature makes sure the camera and lens work together perfectly to deliver up to 6.5 EV steps of correction.

*When used with M.Zuiko Digital ED 12–40mm F2.8 PRO set at 40mm.

Full range of M.Zuiko Digital lenses
With over 20 lenses to choose from, you have a smart system in the E-M5 Mark III that lets you live up your creativity, photography passion and shooting style with ease. Macro, fisheye, ultra-telephoto … there are no limits to the direction in which you want to go.

High-performance autofocus

121-point all-cross type
With an amazing 121 points in an all-cross-type layout, with on-chip Phase Detection AF, the E-M5 Mark III can hold up to all your photography needs. Even patterns and moving subjects can be captured at high speed with precision.

High precision
Capturing clear photos in low light or darker objects in front of a darker background is particularly challenging – but the
E-M5 Mark III can master the challenge perfectly. The fast autofocus remains precise even at the widest aperture setting, taking in colours and shapes to make sure the subject stand out.

AF Target mode
As the E-M5 Mark III is made for photography that suites you, it features the AF Target mode. This has six options for focusing accurately on your subject during action or macro photography. The single-action button makes capturing the scenes you want fast and easy.

Face/Eye Priority AF
For portrait photography, or simply capturing people around you, the
E-M5 Mark III has the ability to automatically detect human faces and eyes. The result is precise focusing on your subject with every click or tap of the shutter release.

Design and ergonomics

Iconic design
The E-M5 Mark III takes the iconic design of the original OM system a step higher. The delta shape at the top of the camera, an iconic features of the OM system design, can likewise be seen here. The slightly bevelled top rim tunes the balance between the leather-like material and top portion height to underscore the camera’s advanced look.

Easy viewing
The ridge of the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) on the E-M5 Mark III is wider to make the camera appear more stable – and easier for you to operate. The large EVF with long eye point also makes it possible for eyeglass-wearers to enjoy capturing images.

Steady grip and control
The grip has been cunningly designed to improve the comfort you feel when holding the E-M5 Mark III using the thumb rest. This results in a more secure hold, which is essential for spontaneous shooting or recording. The mode dial location has also been retooled to improve dial control.

Flexible shooting
With the swivel LCD monitor on the
E-M5 Mark III, you don’t have to take on awkward or uncomfortable positions when shooting. The monitor adjusts to you – whether for shooting high up or down low. This is also a must-have when recording films featuring dynamic scenes.

Highly-acclaimed construction

Weatherproof body
Wherever your fancy takes you, go there with the E-M5 Mark III. Its full set-up of seals makes it splashproof, dustproof and freezeproof down to –10°C. The most severe environments – from rain to snow to dust – are no match for the E-M5 Mark III.*

*For a weatherproof system, choose a weatherproof M.Zuiko Digital lens.

Supersonic Wave Filter (SSWF)
Get the best of the class – and have the satisfaction of knowing you will get clear results. Whenever you change lenses on the E-M5 Mark III, the camera instantly removes any dust on its sensor by vibrating at ultra-high speeds of over 30,000 times per second. The special coating on the sensor prevents dust even further.

“Night shots are the most challenging. The right gradations, clear contours, a great warm glow from lights. The E-M5 Mark III is the camera that can deliver all this and more. With a reliability I can count on.”

The sky’s the limit

E-M5 Mark III shooting technology

To assist you in taking your photography higher, the compact and lightweight body of the E-M5 Mark III encases a powerful sensor, advanced image processor and a host of renowned Olympus engineering.

Olympus-unique shooting functions

Focus Bracketing and Stacking
Perfect especially for macro shooting, this E-M5 Mark III function gives your photos edge-to-edge clarity as found in nature guides. Focus Stacking takes several photos of your subject which are then stacked by the camera to create a single, fully focused and high-quality image. Focus Bracketing works in a similar way, and yet gives you full control by allowing you to compile the images manually on a computer.*

*See the technical specifications for information on compatible M.Zuiko Digital lenses.

Live Composite and Live Bulb modes
Breaking free with the E-M5 Mark III also means getting shots when you want, including at night or in low light. This is where the Live Composite and Live Bulb modes come in. You can capture city scenes against a starry sky or be creative with light trails. And check the exposure on the LCD before you ever take the photo.

Tripod 50M High Res Shot
Photos rich in detail, with high resolution and definition, are possible when you use this E-M5 Mark III function. It shifts the sensor and takes sequential shots, which are then merged. The result is an amazing 50-megapixel image.


Anti-flicker Shooting and Flicker Scan
High technology which is also easy to use – that’s what these E-M5 Mark III functions are all about. They suppress the effects of flicker while using either the mechanical or electronic shutter features. In both cases, flicker or striped patterns cause by the light source are counteracted for a perfectly exposed final photo.

Pro Capture

Pressing the shutter button halfway – 14 images are stored in a buffer
The moment you press the shutter button fully

Get the exact moment you want – thanks to Pro Capture on the E-M5 Mark III. It starts shooting the moment you press the shutter button down halfway – up to 14 frames, which are temporarily stored. When you press the button down fully, non-stop shooting begins. This means you have the chance to go back and select the scene you want.

Subject Tracking Cluster Display

This advanced feature makes it easier than ever for you to focus on moving subjects when using the E-M5 Mark III’s AF Tracking function. It uses a cluster of tracking fields shown directly on the monitor to ensure precision and fast results.

High-speed mechanical shutter

Enjoy using defocusing effects while shooting in bright outdoor conditions – made possible by the E-M5 Mark III’s mechanical shutter at a maximum of 1/8000 seconds. Even when you use a large-diameter lens, you get accurate, widest-aperture exposure without the need for an ND filter.

Manual Focus Assistance

Accurate manual focusing
Manual focusing doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with the E-M5 Mark III’s Manual Focus Assistance feature. It magnifies the area you want to focus on to make sure you get the focus just right.

Peak performance
Another helpful feature with the
E-M5 Mark III when focusing on your subject manually: Focus Peaking. It emphasises and displays focus peaks on outlines so you can make sure you get sharp contours.

AF Limiter

A handy feature that every photographer wants to have: AF Limiter. Regardless of the lens, you can limit the autofocus range to prevent the E-M5 Mark III from focusing on other objects in the scene, making for faster focus results. Set up to three AF areas and customise controls for instant feature activation.

Superb operability

Touchpad AF
To give you more freedom when shooting through the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF), the E-M5 Mark III lets you use the touch screen as a touchpad to position the autofocus point where you want it – just like a cursor. So you can continue looking through the EVF while quickly changing the photo’s focus point.

Touch AF and Touch Shutter
The touch-capable LCD monitor on the
E-M5 Mark III not only lets you define the autofocus intuitively with a press and slide of your finger – it also lets you take the photo with a single tap.

“Having a lightweight and compact camera makes a huge difference in travel photography. For me, the new E-M5 Mark III is that difference. I can go virtually everywhere and have all I need with me.”

Made for videography

Sublime movie-making

Go from being a photographer to a videographer any time you like. The E-M5 Mark III is also ideal for making movies in clear quality, with a dynamic cinema-like feel.

5-axis image stabilisation for video

Image stabilisation (IS) for videos makes perfect sense, especially when filming freestyle. After all, as you pan the camera, your moving images look even clearer and sharper with an IS system that compensates for unwanted camera-shake. The
E-M5 Mark III offers this compensation – across all five axes.

High-quality 4K video

The E-M5 Mark III is ideal for authentic film production thanks to its compatibility with the 4K (3840 x 2160) and C4K (4096 x 2160) formats. At a 30p, 25p or 24p frame rate with 4K, or 24p frame rate with C4K, and a max. bit rate of 237Mbps, you can record in the digital cinema standard for 4K.

Microphone jack

If you would like to boost the audio of your film with an external device*, the microphone jack is conveniently positioned directly on the side of the E-M5 Mark III for easy access. Choose the ME-31 Compact Gun Microphone or the LS-P4 Recorder for Hi-Res sound, which can be directly attached to the hot shoe.

Microphone jack

*Requires hot shoe mount, which is commercially available.

Weather sealing

Rainy days, sub-zero temperatures, dusty locations – the E-M5 Mark III can handle them all. It is fully sealed against the elements with the renowned Olympus weather sealing system. So you can live up your passion any time you like.

Wealth of accessories

In addition to the ME-31 Compact Gun Microphone* and LS-P4 Recorder*, the
E-M5 Mark III can also be equipped with the ECG-5 Dedicated External Grip. It provides a more secure grip, while giving you access to a shutter release and control dial.

*Requires hot shoe mount, which is commercially available.

“The E-M5 Mark III empowers me to awaken emotion in the viewer. My own perspective of nature combines perfectly with the powerful and precise autofocus to get bokeh just as I need it for the subject.”

All-round convenience

Use assistants

The E-M5 Mark III is made to make life as a photographer easier. With a range of convenient features and comforts, this OM-D makes it a pleasure for you to break free and enjoy any shooting style.

High-visibility Electronic Viewfinder

The vivid colours and high-contrast display performance of the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) on the E-M5 Mark III is second to none. OLED with approximately 2.36 million dots makes viewing easy, with magnification of 1.37x. The roughly 27mm eye point distance is ideal for eyeglass-wearers.

Custom mode

Instantly access your most frequently used settings – at the simple turn of the dial or tap. Under the C mode, you can store your favourite setting, such as shooting settings or modes, for easy and fast use. Two additional frequently used settings can also be stored and accessed quickly via the menu.

Easy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®

The E-M5 Mark III’s ability to wirelessly connect to other devices – like a tablet or smartphone with OI.Share software – via Wi-Fi*/ Bluetooth® means you have more shooting and photo transfer freedom, without being tied down by cables. *When the smartphone is connected to the camera, there is no possibility of additional WiFi connections.

Convenient USB charging

With the E-M5 Mark III, you have an OM-D that makes you independent of the power voltage supply wherever you may be – thanks to convenient USB charging. In the car, your hotel room, the airport. You also have the option to recharge the batteries using a powerbank.

Scene modes and Art Filters

At the tip of your finger, you have six themes with a total of 22 scene modes to choose from, for the shooting settings on the
E-M5 Mark III which are just right for your subject or scene – from Portrait to Nightscape to Indoor to Close-ups. Add one of the 16 Art Filters for impressive results.

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