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Tough Performance.
No Compromises.
  • Exceptional image & video quality
  • Variable underwater modes
  • Ultimate tough performance

Experience the World

with the New Tough!

Take the TG-6 and start your own adventure. This camera is your ideal partner for capturing every impressive moment of your journey, regardless of the conditions. A wide range of accessories expands your Tough experience and equips you for even the most demanding adventures.

The TG-6 is waterproof to 15m, shockproof for falls of up to 2.1m, dustproof, freezeproof to -10°C, crushproof and has an anti-fog coating, also making it adventure proof.

Capture Every Moment Perfectly

In your wildest adventures, you never know what’s coming next. The combination of the high-resolution F2 lens, TruePic VIII and 12 Megapixels image sensor gives you the freedom to take high-quality images, no matter the condition. Even in low-light situations, your pictures will always turn out bright and beautiful.

Never Miss the Exact Shot

When pressing the shutter release button down halfway, Pro Capture starts shooting and buffering images at 10fps. The moment the button is pressed down fully, non-stop shooting begins. This way, you will capture shots that were previously impossible to get.

The Perfect Balance

The TG-6 can capture even difficult light situations with huge differences in light and dark spots: HDR mode combines four shots of different exposures into one image, brightening up or darkening your images perfectly. It gives you full freedom to dramatically recreate both bright and dark sections by finding the perfect contrast and balancing out blacks and whites.



  • HDR

Share Your Journey

Gain additional control over your shot: with the OI.Share App, you can not only use your smartphone as a flexible remote, but the integrated Wi-Fi also allows you to share your experiences right away.

The Field Sensor System

Always know where your pictures have been taken, thanks to the integrated field sensor system that automatically tracks your movements. Gather more information for your memories: the OI.Track App links GPS, compass, manometer and temperature data to your photos and videos.

Your Memories Have Never
Been More Vivid

Let your activities come to life by capturing every detail at just the right moment. 4K video allows you to record breathtaking footage of your favourite moments and create Full HD sized movies at 120 frames per second.

Dive into the TG-6 Underwater World

Find out what’s under the surface. Sealed watertight, the TG-6 is designed and constructed for use to a depth of 15m without any additional equipment.

Go Deeper

Want to go further? The TG-6 Underwater Case PT-059 provides an even more thrilling underwater experience at depths of up to 45 m. But that’s not all: you can expand upon your camera even further with a giant range of additional equipment.

Capture Fascinating Underwater Worlds

Using one of the three underwater white balance modes make your images come to life, no matter the water depth. Use “Shallow” (up to a depth of 3m) to improve red tones, “Mid Range” for a water depth from 3 to 15m or “Deep” to improve blue tones under a depth of 15m.

Underwater Microscope Mode

Dive in head first and come closer than ever before: underwater microscope mode lets you shoot close-ups up to 1cm from the lens, so you can capture even the smallest of details.

Underwater HDR

Underwater HDR perfectly balances out both bright and dark sections by preventing overly large differences between black and white. The results are impressive underwater shots with a wide dynamic range.




Make the Subtlest Beauty Visible

Go beyond the limit of the eye! The Microscope mode allows the camera to capture subjects as close as 1cm. Enjoy display magnification up to 44.4x in combination with the flexible zoom lever. With the LG-1 Light Guide and the FD-1 Flash Diffuser, the TG-6 has even more potential when shooting macro.

Focus on What’s Important

TG-6 gives you the freedom to focus on what the situation needs. With Focus Stacking and Focus Bracketing, the camera comes with two powerful modes that allow you to either have the full shot in focus or to create a wider range of focus later on.

Give Your Journey the
Finishing Touch

Ever wanted to take a moment and reminisce on what you’ve experienced? Your RAW images can be edited with the Olympus Workspace and printed as physical copies – that way, your experience is made complete and can be enjoyed forever.

Two Colour Variants

To accentuate your personality, you can choose between the red and black versions of the TG-6.

Optimal Hold

The front of the TG-6 features a grip for an optimal hold, even when hiking in the middle of the countryside.

Accessory Lock Button

The accessory lock button prevents attached accessories, such as a fisheye converter, teleconverter, light guide or flash diffuser, from falling off. This way, you can feel completely safe when carrying the camera with accessories attached

Control Dial/ Zoom Lever

The TG-6’s zoom lever construction allows you to operate the camera while wearing gloves and skiing on steep slopes. Plus the control dial makes it easy to adjust shooting settings such as exposure compensation.

Grid Display for Stable Framing

The TG-6 has a grid display to help you achieve an optimal division ratio. You can select from the standard grid or golden ratio.

Various Exposure Modes and Custom Settings

As well as the familiar Aperture Priority and Program Modes, the mode dial also features the Movie Mode for easy access to various video shooting styles.

Make Your Adventure Even More Thrilling
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