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ECG‑4, Olympus, System Cameras , PEN & OM-D Accessories


PEN‑F extra‑stable grip
  • Integrated tripod mount
  • Ingenious instant battery access

ECG‑4 Camera Grip

Improve your experience of the PEN‑F ‑ enjoy the ultimate ECG‑4 camera grip for enhanced handling. With its high‑quality, robust metal construction, this larger grip ensures a better handling with long lenses. Once attached to your PEN‑F, the grip’s ingenious design gives you instant access to the battery compartment ‑ without having to unscrew the grip leading to shorter interruptions whilst shooting. It also sports a quick shoe rail feature which allows one‑touch mounting to compatible tripods and other mounting devices.


  • Ergonomic design for firm grip & increased stability
  • Fast access to battery compartment
  • Integrated tripod mount

Compatible with

  • PEN‑F, Olympus, Compact System Cameras, PEN


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