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HLD‑10, Olympus, System Cameras , PEN & OM-D Accessories
HLD‑10, Olympus, System Cameras , PEN & OM-D Accessories


Ergonomic design for landscape and portrait
  • Power for extended use
  • IP53 Weather sealing
  • Optimal balance with tele lenses

HLD‑10 Power battery grip

Perfectly integrated in the OM SYSTEM OM‑1 design the HLD‑10 offers you an IP53 weather sealing and is freezproof(down to ‑10°C). With its ergonomic design it helps you to balance long tele lenses and make portait shooting more confortable
The HLD‑10 holds one extra BLX‑1 battery to extend your shooting time up to 1040 images. The HLD‑10 gives you all the camera controls you need to shoot reliably and comfortably in portrait and landscape orientation. You can also attach the optional Grip Strap, GS‑5 (optionally available) for an enhanced fit when using a telephoto lens. The shoulder strap can be attached simultaneously.


  • Ergonomic design for firm grip & increased stability
  • IP53 weather sealed and freezproof
  • Dedicated AF-ON Button


  • Main and sub adjustment dial
  • Dedicated arrow pad, control dials, function buttons and multiselector
  • Holds one extra BLX‑1 battery

Compatible with

  • OM‑1, Olympus, System Cameras ; Micro 4/3 Cameras, OM-D


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