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PMLA‑EP01, Olympus, System Cameras , PEN & OM-D Accessories


Adapter for PTMC‑01
  • Macro lens adapter

PMLA‑EP01 Macro lens adapter

The Olympus PTMC‑01 Underwater conversion lens for outstanding underwater macro photography is suitable for several Olymus Underwater Cases directly.
For following Underwater Cases the PMLA‑EP01Macro lens adapter is needed to attach the conversion lens: PT‑EP11, PT‑EP10, PT‑EP08 with PPO‑EP01, PT‑EP03 and PT‑EP01.

For detailed compatibility please refer to the Underwater System Charts.


  • Macro lens adapter
  • Enables attachment of Underwater macro converter PTMC‑01 to the Underwater cases PT‑EP11, PT‑EP10, PT‑EP08 with PPO‑EP01, PT‑EP03 and PT‑EP01

Compatible with

  • PTMC‑01, Olympus, Digital Cameras , Compact Cameras Accessories

    PTMC‑01 Underwater macro conversion lens

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