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Downloads for TG‑4

  • 03/29/2016

    Firmware update Version 2.0


    When you update your firmware to version 2.0, camera settings are reset. 

    Flash Diffuser "FD-1" is supported. 

    Can be set in Camera Menu 2 > Accessory Settings > FD-1. 

    Exposure control in Microscope mode has been optimized for "FD-1". 

    Flash compensation in Microscope mode is now possible. 

    Maintaining sequential numbers for file names can be done when replacing cards. 

    Can be set in Settings Menu 2 > File Name. 

    Reset: Sequential numbers for folder names and file names can be reset when replacing cards. 

    Auto: Sequential numbers for folder names and file names can even be continued when replacing cards. 

    Settings in Microscope mode can be maintained. 

    Settings can be carried over even when changing from P·A mode to another mode. 

    Settings are not reset, even if the power is turned off. 

    The following setting items are maintained.   

    Flash mode 

    Exposure compensation  

    White balance 

    ISO sensitivity 

    The maximum number of frames for interval shooting is increased from 99 frames to 299 frames. 

  • Underwater System Chart

    TG-3/4 - PT-056

  • Instruction Manual V2.0


    Instruction Manual

  • Declaration of Conformity