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Stop, take out camera, capture the moment and then off we go again! This is my/our new daily routine.

Part 1: Planning a route & packing our bags

As freelance videographer and motion designer, I set out in May 2019 together with my partner Lars, on a year-long trip to discover the many countries of Europe. We wanted to experience the variety of environments and different cultures that exist often in close geographical proximity to each other – and to test whether it really is possible to work from anywhere in this digital age. We also aimed to recharge our creative batteries and return home with new energy and inspiration. Searching out of new perspectives, scents, colours, tastes and adventures – we wanted to broaden our view on life.
Our choice of transport: motorcycles. This would allow us to head off the beaten track and to explore a different side of Europe.
Our plan is to have no plan!

After meticulously planning trips in the past, we began to realise that things hardly ever pan out exactly as expected. This time, we decided to be spontaneous! We wanted to give ourselves the freedom to determine our next destination depending on our mood or job prospects.

Enduro travel offers many advantages and a lot of freedom, but it also means you can only take a small amount of luggage with you. So we needed to choose our equipment very carefully and only take gear that we were 100% confident in. After many years of using Olympus products, we were well aware of their advantages and were sure that they would be perfect companions on our journey.

As a videographer in Germany I have often used Sony equipment, with their 35mm format sensor, but for this trip, I needed more than just a large sensor. I didn't know quite what to expect, but one thing for sure was rain, sand, heat, dust, bumps and bashes would all play a role. This meant I needed equipment that I could rely on to withstand extreme conditions, just like the Olympus OM-Ds. So I left my Sony gear at home and packed an all-Olympus set-up for the trip. Not only was the robustness and reliability of a product essential for a journey of this kind, but also size was a key factor.

It was just going to be us, our motorcycles and the road for a year. With lots of essentials to carry on our trip, like a tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, summer clothing, winter clothing, first aid kit, laptops, food, etc, size would play a very important role. This is a key area where the Olympus M.Zuiko Pro Lenses have a big advantage: they are small, robust, and have a fantastic light intensity. 3 good reasons to bring them along on our adventure! I was also happy to leave my gimbal at home, as the excellent image stabilisation of the OM-D system does the job just as well.

We wanted to document our journey on film, so it was important for the video recordings to have perfect sound to complement the stories behind the pictures. Because the Olympus LS-P4 is such an all-rounder, with Gun Mic and Sound Recorder in one, we saved a lot of space and had complete peace of mind. By setting up and connecting the LS-P4 to our camera super quickly, we could add professional sound directly onto video clips. If we need to take notes, we can also record directly to the device without using an additional microphone, and for interviews, the handy audio recorder at the end of the clip-on microphone can slip easily into a pocket. So again we saved a lot of space and weight!

With the kit list sorted, we could finally set off on our adventure – heading initially towards Southern Europe. After almost 3 months "on the road" I now know that it was absolutely the right decision to embark on this journey. Seeing and experiencing something new every day does not leave any time to miss your home or previous everyday life. We can’t wait to see what adventures the future holds!

Author, Photographer & Videographer: Carolin Nina Jasiak

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