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Demand for assisted reproductive techniques in IVF is growing. One in six couples experience problems during their lifetime with causes increasingly linked to lifestyle factors such as smoking, body-weight and stress.

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True to Life - Olympus for IVF

Direct and Fast Spindle Visualization

  • Knowing if oocytes are at metaphase II and therefore in optimal condition, is essential for successful fertilization.
  • Directly seeing the location of the spindle, which may be away from the polar body, reduces the chances of damaging the spindle apparatus.
  • With just one push of a button on an Olympus IX3-SLICSI system you immediately see whether spindles have formed and where they are located.
  • There’s no additional step or extra time required, enhancing your chances of higher fertility- and pregnancy rates.

Speed Up ICSI Workflow

  • Fasten the operation time - ensuring that oocytes are out of the incubator for the shortest time.
  • Automated objective changes and condenser adjustments – eliminating the risk of accidentally touching or breaking pipettes and misaligning any optical settings.
  • Optimized Olympus IX3-SLICSI systems for your daily work - allowing to fully concentrate on the most sensitive ICSI steps itself
  • Carry out ICSIs in a shorter time with total confidence to increase the fertility rates for your patients and enhance the success of your clinic as well.

Optical Quality to See More

  • Working with oocytes and embryos deserves the best optical quality and optical core competence
  • Olympus Relief Contrast (ORC) objectives have been developed with this in mind and are continuously optimized by our optical experts.
  • Available in two versions - both with excellent resolution and working distances, and optional DIC prism for IMSI
  • Every IVF embryologist will find the optimal objective for individual needs.

Stability & Open Source Concept

  • Assisted hatching, blastocyst- or Trophectoderm-biopsies - and all future challenges - are made easier by the extraordinary stability of the IX3 frame, combined with the upgrade flexibility of the open source concept.
  • If you need a frame-integrated magnification changer, a laser upgrade or even both at the same time, the IX3 frame is your ultimate choice for all advanced biopsy work.

ICSI Workflow - Faster and More Effective with Optimized ART Systems

Olympus in close contact with internal and external experts is continuously working to optimize our IVF solutions for the benefit of our customers and IVF clinics.

Biopsy Techniques

Blastocyst Biopsy

Based on stable and well implemented culture conditions Trophectoderm biopsy allows better embryo protection as well as provides more cell material for additional quality testing.

Polar Body Biopsy

Polar bodies are by-products of the meiotic cell cycle and the major application of PBB is the detection of maternally derived chromosomal aneuploidies and translocations in oocytes.

The paternal contribution to the genetic constitution of the developing embryo cannot be diagnosed by PBB.

Day-3 Biopsy

Blastomere biopsy is affected by challenges associated with single cell analysis.

For example sensitive stage (genome activation) may impact on embryo development together with high embryonic mass depletion leading to a high rate of amplification failure. Chromosomal mosaicism seems to reach its highest level at this stage of preimplantation development.

Maternal Meiotic Spindle Transfer (MST)

  • The ability to directly visualize spindles - at a push of a button - is extremely helpful when performing Maternal Meiotic Spindle Transfers (MST).
  • The new biopsy techniques may help in future to overcome complex maternal mitochondrial diseases.