See the Difference with Application-Driven Objectives

Optics lie at the core of every imaging system, forming the basis of your data and determining its quality.
No matter what kind of detectors or image processing algorithms you use – objectives can make the difference between experimental failure and success.

Olympus’ most sophisticated and powerful objectives are hand-crafted to ensure superior image quality. Benefit from our special offer and upgrade your system with new objectives now to access applications.

Upgrade the Core of Your Imaging System

Silicone Immersion Objectives

The Benchmark for Living Samples

When it comes to imaging living samples, nothing beats silicone immersion optics. Achieve more accurate 3D reconstructions and deeper imaging than with oil or water immersion optics thanks to a refractive index that matches living samples. Silicone oil is also highly stable at 37 °C – perfect for long-term time-lapse imaging.

High-Quality Routine Objectives

Publication-Grade Images in Standard Plastic Vessels

Save time with high-NA, long working distance objectives. Optimized for imaging in standard plastic vessels, these objectives produce bright, high-quality fluorescence images without the need to subculture your cells. This 20x objective is available for brightfield or phase-contrast imaging.

TIRF Objectives

Maximum Resolution from the Pioneers of TIRF Microscopy

Olympus’ TIRF objectives are designed to provide tight control over evanescent waves. The high NAs allow for optimal TIRF conditions and excellent signal-to-noise ratios. This range includes a world-leading NA of 1.7 for the most demanding applications.

Multiphoton Objectives

See What’s Hidden Deep Inside

Specially designed for optimal performance with multiphoton excitation imaging, these dedicated objectives enable high-precision imaging of biological specimens up to a depth of 8 mm for cleared tissue and 2 mm for in vivo imaging.

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