Olympus offers a variety of solutions for optimizing the cell culture process.

Discover the CKX53

Discover the Cell Culture Microscope CKX53

Combining Optical Expertise and Workflow Competence

The Olympus CKX53 cell culture microscope is designed to streamline and control a range of different cell culture applications. Click below to see its benefits.

The Olympus Cell Culture Microscope CKX53

Facilitating Cell Cultivation Through Enhanced Imaging and User-friendly Design

Combining image quality with easy handling, the Olympus CKX53 supports more efficient cell culture workflows in a variety of applications.

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From live cell observation via brightfield and different contrast methods including fluorescence, there is an option to suit every need.

Olympus Range of Cell Culture Solutions:

Olympus Cell Counter

The Cell Counter model R1 is a cost-effective solution that saves time and simplifies the cell counting process.

Its design reduces workloads and standardizes the cell counting process, while the unique software algorithm speedily provides accurate results for a variety of cell types. Clumped cells are automatically de-clustered, sorted based on size and roundness, and live/dead cells are identified. Finally, the counting results can be saved alongside the acquired images as a comprehensive report.

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Confluency Checker Software (CKX-CCSW)

The CKX-CCSW software automatically measures cell confluence and provides a record of quantitative data so researchers no longer have to rely on manual counting and confluency estimates. Used with the CKX53 microscope, the software counts the number of cells as well as the confluency percentage in a culture vessel.

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IX53 Inverted Microscope

The IX53 has been designed to be the finest microscope available for routine inverted microscopic analysis. The combination of excellent optical performance and mechanical quality results in a microscope system of outstanding value and comfort for regular use. Features such as the iPC phase contrast and the relief contrast are standard. Additionally, the UCPLFLN 20xPH with high NA (0.7) and 0.8-1.8 mm working distance as well as the UPLSAPO 100xOPH with NA of 1.4 and 0.13 mm working distance provide enhanced visualization options in cell culture.

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